What’s our mission?

Financial institutions are required to collect, store, manipulate and report more data than ever before, all of which need to be managed with greater levels of complexity, frequency, and granularity.

At iQuant Solutions, we have one objective: make data simple.

By partnering with us to support your unique data and reporting requirements, our team of experts help you manage that ever-increasing data burden, freeing you up to spend more time delivering the performance and service your clients and partners expect.

Working with iQuant Solutions reduces the pressures on your own internal teams, improving and streamlining processes using our advanced, fully secure, cloud-based infrastructure. We simplify how you work with data to ensure consistent, accurate, on-time delivery of reporting to clients, regulators, and platforms.


How do we add value?

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Data Management:

High quality standard data is the foundation of quant modelling, client servicing, and reporting.

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Fund Reporting:

A systematic solution is essential to meet the increasing complexity and frequency of disclosure obligations.

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Technology is the key to success for the future leaders of the asset management industry.


It’s people and systems, that drive data and reporting. For that reason, while our architecture might sit in the cloud, the people you’ll work with at iQuant Solutions will always be real – and always just a phone call or email away. At iQuant Solutions, our team of experts are always on hand to support you with the specific data and reporting requirements your team faces.

From the very start, a dedicated member of our team will partner with you to continually consult you on regulatory and client reporting requirements. We thrive on the opportunity to improve processes and data quality – and give you back valuable time.

Why us?

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We are integrated with major fund administrators and transfer agents across Europe and America and pull fund data directly from the raw source consequently reducing operational efforts on our client side.

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Operating Model

Third party integrations enable us to obtain fund data for our clients without any operational involvement from their side. As such we can seamlessly onboard new clients and significantly reduce their operating costs.

Career opportunities

Fund Reporting Operations Manager

Budapest, Hungary // FULL-TIME

Fund Reporting Operations Manager

Frankfurt am Main, Germany // FULL-TIME

Quant Developer

Budapest, Hungary // FULL-TIME

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Take advantage of our online data management and reporting platform.

Access your data anytime anywhere through our secure online platform. Managing fund data and report production at your fingertips.

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