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From 1 January 2023, PRIIPs (Packaged Retail Investment & Insurance Products) regulation will apply to managers of UCITS funds, and a PRIIPs Key Information Document (KID) will be required for each fund registered for distribution in the EU. In the UK, asset managers must continue to use the UCITS Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for at least another five years.

Data Management and Calculations

We integrate fund static data, prices and cost data from various sources (asset manager, fund administrator etc.) and calculate all PRIIPs-related key figures such as SRI, Performance Scenarios and Transaction Costs according to the new Arrival Price Method.

Production of PRIIPs KID and EPT

Production of the PRIIPs KID document and the European PRIIPs Template (EPT) in accordance with the standards set by the FinDatEx working group.

How we do it?

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The PRIIPs regulation requires the manufacturer of retail financial products to produce a KID. The KID provides essential and standardised information for financial products such as funds, structured products, or unit-linked insurances to support the retail investor's investment decision process. The FinDatEx working group has developed the market standard EPT template to support the machine-readable exchange of the most important data points included the PRIIPs KID. Our full-service PRIIPs offering consists of four major workflow steps.

Data Acquisition

At the core of regulatory fund data disclosure and reporting is high-quality, accurate data. Validated input data is the prerequisite to scalable and well-functioning report production. iQuant Solutions' proprietary data acquisition model makes it seamless to source and validate data from various third party systems. We always capture data directly from a raw source, such as from fund administrators and transfer agents.

We source NAV valuations and positions from fund administrators, transaction history from OMS systems, arrival prices from TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis) providers, as well as static data and narratives from the investment manager. All input data flows through our data validation process as part of the data acquisition step.


iQuant Solutions’ PRIIPs service offering also includes the calculation
of all of the following metrics based on raw input data:

SRI: including MRM and CRM
Performance Scenarios
Transaction Costs
Reduction in Yield

We support the calculation of various ex-ante and ex-post transaction cost methodologies such as the new PRIIPs method, the open/close-price method, the panel-survey method, and most notably the arrival-price method.

We see various use cases for obtaining the arrival price. Depending on the trading setup of the client, we typically obtain the arrival price from OMS systems, affiliated brokerage firms, or TCA providers.

Report Production (KID, EPT, CEPT)

We support our clients with a range of reporting types including the EPT, KID, CEPT and DCPT. In addition, we also provide a solution for the disclosures of Past Performance and Previous Performance Scenarios. After undertaking a full set of robust validation processes, reports are then signed off by the fund manager or manufacturer.


We disseminate data to a wide range of distributors and platforms. iQuant Solutions also provides assistance with any post-reporting queries related to the produced reports.

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