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Real Estate fund data and accounting is often managed manually and managers are increasingly looking for means of digitalisation and automation.

The data universe covers a wide variety of sources from property managers, fund accountants, transfer agents, treasury systems, and others.


We provide a systematised way to capture all relevant data points for Real Estate funds that are often maintained in spreadsheets manually.

Our online Real Estate dashboard provides a quick and easy overview of the fund's allocations and risk profile.

Report Automation

Investors and consultants often require bespoke templates to be populated for due diligence and risk management purposes.

We offer an automated solution for the population of these templates including calculations of risk measures.

How we do it?

iquant solutions

Real Estate fund managers are facing increasing challenges with data management and reporting. Regulatory disclosure and client reporting often require data collection from a range of different sources. The raw input data then needs to be systematically stored, managed, and validated prior to reporting.

iQuant Solutions' data acquisition model captures information from the following sources:

Fund administrators
Transfer agents
Internal or external accountants
Property managers
CRM systems

iQuant Solutions is supporting Real Estate fund manager clients to mitigate these challenges by offering a system that captures and validates raw data. Our clients use the iQuant system for resolving data errors, eradicating the need for error-prone manual work, and reducing operational effort.

The tested and approved data is used for regulatory disclosure as well as investor reporting.

Reporting Automation

A robust data acquisition model is key to consistent and high-quality reporting.

Consistency across different reports is ensured by the unified data model developed by iQuant Solutions. Investors, distributors, and regulators require a wide range of different commercial and financial data points to be disclosed. We handle the population and dissemination of standard data templates as well as bespoke client reporting formats.

Furthermore, many clients also require data to be fed to their own internal systems. iQuant Solutions provides the required data points in the native format of the internal system. This often leads to the automation of the manual legacy processes and as well as significant cost-cutting opportunities.

Standard Reporting

We support our clients with the population of standard reporting templates such as INREV, as well as disclosure templates for Solvency II, Basel III, and other EU, UK, and US regulatory regimes.

Bespoke Client Reporting

Investors often require Real Estate fund managers to populate bespoke reporting templates for their investments.
iQuant manages these requests in a systematic and scalable manner.

API Solution for Real-Time Data

Our clients benefit from our API solution. Our solution offers a scalable, simple way to get real-time access to the data in the iQuant system - for our clients and their clients if required.

iquant solutions

Take advantage of our online data management and reporting platform.

Access your data anytime anywhere through our secure online platform. Managing fund data and report production at your fingertips.

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